Incontinence Underwear and Bedding – Style, Comfort and Peace of Mind

June 6, 2012

Stay protected from leaks with washable undergarments by Eversures & Wearever

For maximum protection and re-usability, choose Women’s Incontinence Panties by Wearever. Our stylish selection of absorbent female incontinence panties feature sewn-in Unique-Dri™ pads that trap liquid and are treated with odor eliminating Agion™ antimicrobial fibers. Our Eversures line offers cotton, lace, and nylon microfiber styles to meet every preference. More economical than disposables Wearever incontinence underwear is recommended good for 200-250 washes.

Stay active and confident with washable incontinence underwear by Eversures Wearever

Stay Active & Stay Confident with our Quality, Absorbent and Protective – Eversures men’s incontinence briefs. Our Eversure line offers both the Super Brief and the Men’s Classic Incontinence Brief.  With Wearever it’s made it easy to find your most comfortable style and fit. Constructed with sewn-in Unique-Dri™ pads and odor eliminating Agion™ antimicrobial fibers Eversures incontinence underwear are made with everyday use in mind. More economical than disposables, Wearever incontinence underwear is recommended good for 200-250 washes.

Protect your furniture and bedding with Eversures Wearever washable incontinence bed padsEversure (Wearever) Incontinence Bed Pads – These quality incontinence bed pads are made with absorbent materials and a waterproof liner our incontinence bed pads keep furniture and fabrics dry while protecting against wetness. Our Eversure (Wearever) selection of incontinence bed pads are perfect for every night mattress use or on household furniture. The Unique-Dri™ inner core and IBEX Cotton Polyester blend incontinence pads are washable and reusable for long lasting lifetime use.

Eversures Wearever Incontinence Underwear that fits your lifestyle

Before you go anywhere now visit or for great prices on your adult diapers & Eversures incontinence underwear.

Tammy Chamberlain is an incontinence products expert at DryDiapersPlus.

What’s Causing These Embarrassing Leaks Spilling Down My Leg?

April 16, 2012

I am really so embarrassed! Whats causing these problematic leaks flowing down my leg?? What supplies can I use? – Does this problem sound familiar?

Exactly what is the initial, most evident symptom, of urinary incontinence? Loss of urine or rapid loss of bladder control. Supposing that you have reviewed any articles on urinary incontinence, you will recognize there are 5 kinds of it; stress, urge, overflow, functional and mixed incontinence (a combination of some of them). UI (urinary incontinence) is also associated with nocturia; which is frequent urination – a lot more than 8 times in a 24 hour time span. This doesn’t mean that this only applies throughout the day – but bed-wetting is also a signal.

For some, this is old news. For many other people today, this is newsworthy, “Yeah! I’m not alone!” It is amazing how many women and men are convinced that “it’s only me ” – and they tend not to recognize that this problem also affects their colleagues, their loved ones, next-door neighbors and yes – even movie headliners and professionals!

Urinary incontinence has even been linked with:

  • disruption of everyday activities
  • sleep deprivation (from rising throughout the night to use the loo, or swap pj’s and bedclothes)
  • depression
  • sociable isolation loss of dignity
  • altered partnerships (if you’re steering your life, and your sex life, around bathrooms, this will not surprisingly modify relationships).

Individuals have countless choices. Incontinence underwear, incontinence liners (aka bladder control pads) adult diapers – and occasionally other medical options.

Today’s adult diapers for incontinence incorporate polymer, a component that absorbs urine, taking it out of the liquid state and holds it in a gel form.

Incontinence Underwear is made for limited leaks and drips. Some incontinence panties and underwear hold up to 10 oz (that’s just over one cup).

Bladder control pads are intended for limited leaks and dribble too – and a couple of the even more absorbent ones that you can find on the net (you will not get them in your shops) absorb as much as an adult diaper.

For people today with more substantial urinary incontinence – then you will without doubt need to take a look at adult diapers. Most labels that you’ll find at your neighborhood shopping center may only absorb approximately 1-2 cups … if you are lucky. So, if you do not want to change 7-10 times each day, and a bunch of times throughout the night – you’ll quite likely want to search on-line for high quality adult diapers, which are specifically manufactured to absorb additional.

So, if you are living with incontinence concerns, take note that you are not “abnormal”. Buying the product that serves you is important (and take our suggestion – use overnight products day in and day out – for less bother and added convenience along with added savings!)

Adult Diapers – Nothing has Changed for the Last 50 Years – Until Now

July 15, 2011

For the last 50 years nothing has changed in how we manage incontinence – until now.

Unique Wellness, manufacturer of the world‘s most absorbent adult briefs, offers new hope for the more than 25 million Americans living with incontinence. The Unique Wellness Incontinence Program brings adult diaper users the most cost effective, healthiest, environmentally friendly and comprehensive incontinence solution available on the market today.

With the Unique Wellness Incontinence Program you are brought the promise of a hassle-free life to those who depend on adult briefs. Under this program only 3 changes Adult diapers & Incontinence products for everyoneare needed every 24 hours, compared to an average of 9-10 required with other products. By using the Wellness Brief those living with incontinence now have all the control, comfort and confidence that comes from knowing they no longer have to worry about embarrassing accidents at work, when stuck in a traffic on long commutes, traveling, hanging out at the casino, participating in sporting events or enjoying performances and social events.

The Wellness Brief is the most absorbent adult brief available today giving adults all the comfort and confidence needed when living their active lives. Unique Wellness adult diapers will reduce the amount of adult briefs you use in the landfill use by over 70% due to the minimal changes required with a Wellness Brief. This is what makes the program the most environmentally friendly incontinence solution on the market today.

With only a 1 brief needed at night – a maximum of 3 every 24 hours, those using Wellness Briefs save time, save money and help prevent the serious medical side effects of skin rashes leading to infections, urinary tract infections and even the nasty odors often associated with other incontinence products.

With a deep understanding of incontinence and a results oriented approach to design and manufacturing, the Unique Wellness Incontinence Program brings the most technologically advanced, most highly absorbent adult diapers to the 25 millions of Americans living with incontinence.

The Wellness brief product line remains unparalleled in its market to date.

Unique Wellness Super Absorbent Briefs are available at and


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