Thick and Bulky Adult Diapers

Guess what – not all people who wear adult diapers wear them because they are incontinent.  There is a huge trend in adult babies and diaper lovers.  This group AB/DL like to wear adult diapers.

Frequently we get calls asking how  adult diapers can be bulked up – and we have the answer the Birdseye Reusable Cloth Diaper, Pin Style.  These adult diapers are thicker, and will make adult diapers bulkier.

Great for bulking up adult diapers

If you are looking for something to bulk up your adult diaper, for your lifestyle choice, then this is what you want.  For this purpose, these are best used with other cloth diapers – but can be used in disposable, too.  Just remember, that because they are cloth – they will be wet against your skin and do require laundering.

To keep them absorbent – always use in phosphate free laundry detergent and never use dryer sheets for fabric softeners.  If you wash them in phosphate laundry detergent, or use fabric softeners, a build up will occur on the diaper which will actually repel liquid (instead of absorbing liquid as they are meant to).

So, if you do live an AB/DL lifestyle and are looking to bulk up your adult diaper – the Birdseye Reusable Cloth Diaper, Pin Style is what you want.  If you don’t life an AB/DL lifestyle – and are looking for a good quality pinned adult diaper, this is also your answer.

At DryDiapersPlus, we know that you have more important things to do than shop for adult diapers and incontinence products.  That’s why we have made our site quick and easy to navigate, so you can place your order quickly, and discreetly – and get on to more important things – like life!

With 2 stores to serve you – for our US customers & for our Canada shoppers – we’re here to serve you!

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